Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hello Sailor!

One of the forgotten but truly upsetting tragedies of the Titanic was the sad loss of my sideburns. Today I was plucked from the production office, squeezed into a Officer's costume and whisked into make up. There the poor sidies I have been cultivating since puberty were robbed from me and then I was on set to 'extra' it up. I am hoping tit is a quicker process this time, as like the Titanic they took years to build but were gone in minutes*.    

*Joke courtesy of Matt's groom speech. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Get thee behind me....


My call time is at 07:30 every morning at Ardmore Studios. It is only 30 mins drive away so it could be a lot worse. Yesterday was the first time I had driven to work in 10 years, felt very odd, but less manic than a tube commute. Plus I am guaranteed a seat. 

The shoot is catered so I get the opportunity to have a fry every morning..a blessing and a curse. Sod it. It is my birthday after all. 

Monday, 22 August 2011

First Day on Set

Started filming Saving the Titanic in Ardmore Studios today. I might be least important person on the entire project but I do get a Walkie Talkie so I am more than happy.  

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Time Travel

I needed shower gel and Lynx Africa was 2 for 1 in Tesco. Nostalgia got the better of me.  Showering this morning I had vivid flashbacks to being 15. I think I might get the deodorant to complete the set.......I can't wait till my scent revival hits the CK1 years.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Work and Weddings

Work is going well. All is quiet at the moment. The crew is over in the UK filming at Kempton Waterworks. Apparently it has 2 steam engines exactly the same as the Titanic that were used to pump water to London. More interestingly it was the set for Gamesmaster. Where is Dominic Diamond? The crew arrives back on Friday and there will 3 weeks of 12 hour days coming up at Ardmore studios. It is great to be working and especially in a industry I am interested in. Let's hope i can find some more!

Spent the weekend at a wedding in Yorkshire. It was  a fantastic day all round. Being one of the best men my thoughts have been dominated by the best man's speech for a while now. Both the Groom and the Groom's father (he spoke too) are absolute powerhouses in the public speaking department, so the stakes were high. With great relief we held our own and it was well received. The wedding party were all in a big cottage together and as so often with these weekends the time either end of the event was as enjoyable as the event itself. 

The day after the wedding we took a trip to High Force Falls. We did this mainly as we believed it to be the location Costner bathed himself in the great film Robin Hood (Prince of Thieves). It wasn't. That did not ruin the day though. 

High Force Falls

True that.

Monday, 8 August 2011


.......I have one! 

I am here now so I can't write too much. I am working as a production assistant for a company called Tile Films. My role runs until mid September working on a docu-drama called Saving the Titanic. Great to be working at last (never thought I would say that). I had better go otherwise it might be an even shorter contract than it already is. 

Monday, 18 July 2011

Guiness makes Perfect (mess of it)

Friday's Cricket match was against the Guiness Brewery team. I will spare you too many details but they posted a very healthy 120 for 7 at the end of their 15 overs. My bowling is improving and I believe it is getting quicker or I am at least making it seem quicker by grunting as I release the ball. I was economical without getting a wicket and beat the bat a few times (or they played and missed would be more accurate) 

We started strongly and I was waiting to bat at number 5. We were on 40 for 3 when I came in to haunted  by the memory of my game strangling effort of last time. I was determined to make a better fist of it. I duly played and missed the first 4 balls I faced. Fortunately they brought on their 'spinner' in the next over and his slow looping balls were impossible for even me to miss and I slapped him around the pitch for 12 in the over. Eventually I ended up on 19 (you have to retire on 20). I was determined to go out on a high and I duly went out..caught in the deep going for a 6 that I was never going to make. We struggled towards the end and with the final ball we needed 3. The bowler bowling was the 'spinner'...our man smacked it for 4. 


Caught by a youth, bowled by a member of the opposition, 19 (12)

Other News

  • I sent a CV and personalised letter to every film company in Ireland
  • Maybe achieved an interview for a 'real' job this week
  • went to the gym 4 times and ran 5k 3 times
  • Played one of the most exhausting games of 5-aside. 1 hr, no subs and boarded sides so the ball never went out of play.
  • Watched Senna
  • Visited Killkenny 'the most beautiful city in Ireland'- It was very pretty. 
Still no job.....